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Shooting Evening for Visitors

Dear Holiday Makers

Welcome to the shooting range here in Stanzach. We hope you will have an enjoyable few
hours when you visit us.

Before you arrive at the shooting range we will prepare you in advance by explaining how
the shooting evening is organized.

Fist we will need a list of names of all the participants so that we can prepare certificates beforehand.


When you arrive at the shooting range we will have everything prepared for you.

First all participants will receive 11 ‘target' cards

1 Target card with the Red ‘P' (practice card). This is your practice card on which you can
have 5-6 practice shots to help you get used to shooting with the rifle.

In addition each participant will receive

10 other ‘target' cards for the competition. Each participant will be given an identification number which
will be printed in the upper left corner of each of their 10 cards. Only one shot is allowed
on each of these cards.

Now you can start with the shooting competition and we wish you the ‘best of luck'.

If you look at the pictures you will get an idea of how to use the rifles


Step 1: Move the rifle support to the correct body height. (shoulder height)
Step 2: Put the target card into the ‘target transporter'.


Step 3:  Press the button and run the target card to the back of the shooting range.
Step 4:  Open the rifle by pulling the lever outwards as demonstrated in the picture below.


Step 5:  Put a bullet into the rifle - flat side first, and close lever.
Step 6:  Place the rifle onto the support - aim - shoot.


When you have finished shooting bring back all cards to our member of staff so that the scores
can be counted.


After the competition every competitor will receive a certificate with their names and scores.
The top three scorers will receive along with their certificates a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal.


We hope you will have a great time with us
From the team at the Shooting Range, Stanzach